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About us


Processing facility is approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration and Arizona Maricopa County Health Department. We are highly rated for our plant cleanliness, warehouse safety, manufacturing procedures, maintenance standards and consistent product values. Our innovative & high caliber processing procedures and skilled quality control, positions AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® prominently in the specialty food and manufacturing industry.

Co-packing Manufacturer

As early as 1999, AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® evolved into product research, development & manufacturing for other small to mid-size companies. Today, AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® works with many companies that currently have products in the market or are in different stages of product development for the market placement.

Product Research & Development

AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® offers experienced cooks to enhance, develop and/or engineer products based on quality, market pricing and market niche.

Product Price Control

Our volume discount purchasing price is extended to our co-packing customer so that ingredient costs are at the lowest possible price without jeopardizing product quality. AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ‘s high volume packaging prices pass through to our co-packing customers offering an overall cost containment package.

Our Services

Production Capacity

 Less Than Pallet | Full Pallet |
Truck Load

Bottling Items

Pasta Sauces | Barbecue Sauces | Hot Sauces | Marinades | Salad Dressings | Ketchups | Mustards | Jellies & Jams | Condiments | Salsas | Syrups | Bloody Mary/Drink Mixes

Dry Spice Blends

Dip Mixes | Drink Mixes | Meat Rubs | Marinades | Sauces | Salad Seasonings


HACCP |   |  Costco

Branding & Marketing

Amelio C Enterprises is not your typical contract packaging company. We have the ability to help you grow with our in house design team that can help you create your labels or create a brochure to show potential clients. We don't just want to make your product we want to help you create your business.

  • Printing
    • Labels
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Flyers
    • Window Decals
    • Banners
    • Postcards
    • Etc...
  • Website Design
    • Hosting
    • Email
    • Ecommerce

Basic Steps

Step One:
Confidentiality Agreement | Analysis of recipe | Packaging Decisions | Container, labels (note: 2 part label has additional application charges.) and heat seal | Estimated cost per unit

Step Two:
Start up fee per product includes: Standardization of recipe to our application Material/Ingredient Location | One test run using necessary equipment | Limited samples of finished product
Step Three

Product revision requires: Product Development @ per hour rate plus ingredients | Includes: Experienced Staff | Equipment operation | Consultation | Limited samples of finished product

Step Four

Lab testing (nutritional analysis, shelf life, etc.) | Any charges will be determined by lab.

Step Five

Price quote available of cost per unit upon product approval. | Quote expires eight weeks after date of quote, provided no changes are made.

Step Six

Terms and Conditions: 50% of invoice prepaid before processing begins. | Remaining balance of invoice will be due after production at pick up.


Product can be picked up or FOB Phoenix, AZ. | Maximum holding time for finished product is four business days.

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